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Every home should be safe, secure and smart. 

We aim to add value to home installations, with additional features, to make your life easier...and your home safer.

Security technology now means you can keep an eye on what's happening at home, from anywhere in the world.

Ask anyone about their home security system and it is more than likely that they either haven't got round to getting one...or they have one but don't use it. Both these scenarios are based on the assumption that nothing bad will ever happen to us.

64% of homeowners admit that they don't always lock their front door when going out...or going to bed. A further 34% don't actually bother setting their alarm.

With the average cost of repairing damage and replacing stolen goods running at nearly £1800, we much prefer to minimise the chances of getting broken into in the first place.

"Thoroughly professional and in my opinion, a very safe pair of hands"

The best technologies have to be part of an overall plan to avoid being ineffective.


We always recommend that homeowners improve their home security by ensuring that exterior doors and windows are always locked. This may sound obvious, but the harsh reality is that it is pointless spending money on a security system, until the keyholders start to take the basic precautions

Please always do the following :

- Always lock windows and doors.
- Install a good quality alarm and always use it
- Ensure garden sheds and gates are locked

​- Consider installing PIR lights
- Use your smartphone to control and monitor who is near your property and who can enter your home 

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