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Intruder Detection : at the heart of any secure property is prevention and deterrent.
Detection is often an afterthought.

From a simple system to a sophisticated, multiple detector system, intruder alarms can dramatically reduce the risk of burglary. The alarm can be raised either by a local sounder or be linked to a central station monitoring facility, which in turn can notify either a key-holder, police or both. They can also be used to notify the fire brigade or ambulance in special circumstances. 


Each installation is specifically tailored to suit you.

It’s one of life’s sad realities that homes get broken into. All we can do, as householders, is minimize the chances of it happening to us. Fitting a burglar alarm reduces the odds, as having an alarm box on the front of your house is a strong visible deterrent.

Another sad reality is that much of our work is as a result of a recent break-in, where there was no existing alarm system, or that the family didn’t use it because it was problematic, too complicated or bothersome. Why pay for a system and then never use it? Luckily technologies have become much more user-friendly in recent years.

Wireless technology means that any installation is much faster than a conventional wired system. It also means that sensors and control panels can be sited in places that would normally be impossible or very unsightly.

With key-less entry, forgetting your code…or your keys…can be a thing of the past.

Manufacturers have begun to adopt user-interface systems that owe much of their technology to smart phones. Indeed, your smart phone can easily monitor what is happening at home…whilst you take a break somewhere hot. Using the latest systems, you can allow chosen visitors access to your home or grounds and monitor the comings and goings of everyone. No more giving your keys and alarm codes out. You can control everything from your phone, tablet or laptop.

Pet friendly systems.
Having pets and alarms used to be a problem. The latest generation of sensors can adapt and learn, so that your little friends won’t be the reason you no longer set your alarm, or the reason your alarm goes off when you are out for the day.

Giving you control.
Modern control panels not only look very cool; they are also very easy to activate, disarm, or even deactivate a zone in your home. Many manufacturers supply modern touchscreen keypads, using clear, easy to read instructions or messages.

Should there be a power-cut or your wireless-router is switched off, it’s good to know that the system will continue to run from its built-in battery, continuing to operate for hours.

Insurance Approved.
We are regulated by the Security Systems & Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB) and UKAS as they are fully audited against British/European Standards for system design, installation, maintenance and monitoring; plus those relating to staff security vetting, training and record keeping. SSAIB accreditation is a pre-requisite for a police response alarm. Our work is fully inspected to ensure you get the best possible quality or product and installation.

Monitored alarm packages.
All our preferred alarm systems allow you to add a fully monitored package. Once you have set your alarm and left the building, should your alarm system detect an intruder, it will instantly inform the monitoring station, who will contact you, or other designated persons. Should you require it, the central station can contact the police.

We can of course discuss your specific needs and concerns. There is certainly a solution that is right for you. We are not tied to one manufacturer and use a variety of proven technologies to get to the right solution.

The right system will allow you to add to it, as your household grows or your needs change. A new garage-conversion can have an extra sensor. A work-pod in the garden can have its own camera-link to the front door.

With emerging technologies, we’re almost at a point that, if you can imagine it, it can be achieved. Just imagine.

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