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Someone can watch out for you and your staff 24/7.

Well thought out remote monitoring protects both your business premises, plant and equipment and most importantly, your staff and visitors.

Technology is become evermore personal. Knowing they can talk to someone gives staff confidence and reassurance.

Effective Intruder Monitoring is a core component in any security system.


The NSI GOLD Standard is the best you can get for quality and reassurance and we only recommend and work with the best. Our preferred Monitoring Centre operates 24/7 and is UK-based. 

Remote monitored security and alarm response 24 hours a day.

Fully trained people are on-hand all day and all night. Your staff can call them with any concerns, anytime. Should the Monitoring Centre detect a problem, they can contact staff, a registered key holder or indeed, the police for an immediate response.


Most insurance companies ask for any alarm system to be monitored.

Utilising state-of-the-art communications technology and operating virtual call-centre environments, you can rest assured – the minute an alarm goes off – they're onto it.


On occasions, where there is a false alarm, the team are trained to recognise and thus minimise false alarms and unnecessary call-outs. 

There are numerous packages, to suit any scenario or type of business. Your staff will appreciate that there is responsive support, should they encounter a problem.

"I'm much happier, knowing someone is watching my back"

We work with you to ensure you get the right level of support. From simple 'key-word' alerts, to fully monitored CCTV systems, we build safety around what your staff need.

Standard Intruder and Fire Solutions :
Once the alarm is triggered, the Monitoring Centre will contact the premises, the key holder or the police, depending on your preferences, or the level of cover you have requested.


CCTV Solutions :
Through continuous monitoring of your premises, it is possible to identify problems before they start. It is also possible to diagnose problems and check, should an alarm be triggered. Regardless of the issue, the team can quickly identify the relevant problem, even if it is just an unsecured door blowing open in the wind.


Lone Worker Solutions :
A popular system falls within the 'Lone Worker' category. How many employers consider how an employee would expected to deal with an intruder, should they be alone in the building or indeed, the car park? The liability for staff safety lies with the employer. 

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