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Keeping business and organsations safe & secure.

We work with many small and large organisations, architects and specifiers as first and second tier suppliers, delivering excellence as standard.  

Corporate premises need constant protection, whilst allowing constant access and remote monitoring.

With over 50% of UK businesses reporting some level of disturbance or intrusion in the past year, it's vital that commercial premises are protected 24/7. The cost of disruption can vastly outweigh any associated costs of installing the security measures in the first place.

From the smallest business through to offices, warehouses and the largest corporations or public-sector organisations, we understand the importance of your security...and the safety and security of those who access your services.

Working with your needs.

Regardless of the scale of project, we can work effectively with you. From consultancy, installation and back-up, through to second-tier contracting to your architect, construction or FM provider, we are the safe pair of hands you are looking for.

We have a proven track record of delivering projects, on-time, on-budget. We also understand the complexities of working with others and our approach to safety and contracting ensures we remain the preferred supplier to many companies and organisations.

SME Security and Control.

Well planned security, protects livelihoods and provides confidence for all concerned.

With security comes control. Accessed via a simple app, you are able to set up your own, unique security profile, allowing and monitoring individual access.

Combined with CCTV it is possible to effectively monitor the activity of your business and employees from a remote site. Staff security errors can be corrected, meaning your business is always safe.

Remote control and monitoring is the future of security technology. As a business owner, you need to know when everything is secure, whether shutting up shop, leaving for a meeting or accessing the system from a remote site to check that your premises have been properly secured.

Public Sector and large organisations require effective security management.


It is never enough to rely on an alarm for your security.


Alarms have their place in any organisation, but regardless of what type of organisation you control, you are effectively managing the flow of people.

The safety of employees and visitors is your primary concern. From protecting lone workers through to controlling the movement of high volumes of people quickly and effectively, only a modern security system can provide you with the access to the right level of control, monitoring and reporting.


Without this you are continually wasting time and money and exposing yourself, your staff and visitors and your organisation to risk. 

Managed effectively, either through your own, dedicated team or through a remote monitoring site, the worries and responsibilities of security can be drastically reduced.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your security requirements, in complete confidence.


"Janus Alarms have exceeded our expectations, delivering ahead of schedule"

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