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Compliance : working with set standards, ensuring we meet all regulatory requirements. 

All equipment that we recommend, specify and install meets the latest standards which include EN300 220-1 Category 1 receiver compliance and reliability achieved by manufacturing procedures following BS EN ISO9001.

All our alarm systems include industry standard BS 8521 communications protocol ensuring full compatibility with all modern telecare call handling.

We use the European social alarm radio frequency 869MHz, which has been 4G radio signal tested.

Regulations for intruder alarms :

Your system will comply with all intruder regulation, standards and policies. It will be installed, maintained and monitored to police and insurance company standards.

All our security systems comply with the following regulations :

​PD 6662 Scheme - European standard for intrusion and hold-up alarm systems

BS 8243 - Installation and configuration of intruder and hold-up alarm systems designed to generate confirmed alarm conditions

BS 9263 - Intruder and hold-up alarm systems - Commissioning, maintenance and remote support

BS EN 50131-1 - Alarm systems, intrusion and hold-up systems, system specific requirements

EN 50131 Series Standard - Alarms and hold-up systems must meet this EU standard in order to comply with insurance company standards.

UK standards are represented by the PD6662, BS8243 and BS9263 standards.

Access Control Standards :

All systems comply with the following :


NCP 109 NSI Code of Practice - For design, installation and maintenance of access control systems.

CCTV Regulation :

NCP 104 NSI - Code of Practice for the design, installation and maintenance of CCTV systems.

BS EN 50132-7 - Alarms systems, CCTV surveillance systems

Data Protection Act (DPA) - It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with these regulations.

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