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Access Control : allowing for the management of human flow and the control of staff or privileged groups.

Access control reduces risk and protects everyone.


Controlling where people move throughout a building can be a headache. We can provide a PC-based solution, either small or complex, covering from one door to many hundreds of entrances or exits, either in a local building or on a large remote site. Detailed information can be generated in the form of an historical record of the activity of all users at any time, for traceability or fire mustering purposes.

Secure confinement areas.
Where a detainee is held, access needs to be carefully controlled. The needs and security of both staff and detainee are paramount. From keyless entry, through to panic buttons and CCTV supported entry and exit management, it is possible to effectively manage difficult and stressful situations. The right technology in place also ensures that procedures are adhered to and policies maintained.

Traffic barrier or gate automation. 

An automatic gate to your buildings can offer both convenience and security. Remote control of the gate or barrier is possible from your telephone handset, smartphone or tablet. Callers to your premises are able to contact you wherever you are. You are then able to open the gate remotely and also close it behind them. You don’t have to be at home these days.

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